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We collaborate 

with great people and organisations

Javier Ares

Teacher of journalists. He wrote the prologue to the book FUERA DE JUEGO.

Manuel Jabois

Journalist for El Mundo among other prestigious media. Prologue to EL SEXO DE LUCÍA.

Ricardo Cavolo

International illustrator, he works for companies such as Nike, Bimba Bosé, FC Barcelona, Planeta de libros, etc.

Clara Montalgut

Chief designer of Esquire magazine. She has won several awards for best magazine in Spain.

Rosa Villacastín

Reputable journalist and writer. Foreword MANUAL LITTLE NICOLAS.

Santi Cazorla

Footballer of Arsenal FC in the Premier League. Book review.

Luis Larrodea

Comedian, radio and TV presenter. Prologue for the book by Pedro Llamas.

Dani Rovira

Comedian, presenter, actor, storyteller and much more. Epilogue to the book EL MAGO QUE SALIÓ DE LA CHISTERA.